Thursday, 8 July 2010

Yet another first blog post...

I've decided to start a blog. Again.

I'm not exactly good with keeping up with things, schoolwork, time.. and certainly not blogs. I think this is about my tenth attempt at becoming part of the blogging world. No matter how much I tell myself I'm going to keep up with a blog, I just can't do it. Except this time. I think.

So why am I writing a blog? Well, I suppose it'll give me something to do, especially on those lazy Sunday afternoons when I just don't know what to do with myself. But also because looking at other people's blogs inspired me to write one myself, and I want to document my life somehow so one day I can look back on all the things I did (or should I say mostly all the things I bought) and remember them.

I'm not really too sure exactly what I'm actually going to be writing about on this, but I suppose writing about myself would be pretty good place to begin. I'm fourteen. I love anything creative- and as much as I say I hate doing art GCSE , I think I'll miss it when it's over. My favourite subjects are biology, graphics, art, and english. I'm a perfectionist- though a failure of one, extremely indecisive about absolutely everything, and I can never finish things. I have really strange fears- I can't stand the sound of the ice cream van- it reminds me of a horror movie (which I'd rather not be in) and I have to put the TV on mute every time the Lloyds TSB advert comes on because of the tune. The little people on it really scare me too.. I'm also really quiet and strongly dislike having my picture taken, so I don't think I'm really quite the person to be writing a blog.

But that's enough about me!    

I feel a bit silly writing to myself, so please follow me if you'd like to and maybe I'll actually be encouraged to keep up with this!


  1. awwww kelly your soo cute! i love how you hate the Lloyds theme tune hehe!!
    And your blog is not rubbish, its really good!! You should keep at it and you'd probably get loads of followers!:) xx

  2. Hey. I like your blog :) would you check out mine?
    I specialise in budget make up as you can see, and I'm new to here. I'm 15 so hopefully we can relate :)