Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bird cage.

I've been meaning to get a lightshade for room for ages, but after many attempts to find one suitable I eventually gave up. Then the other day, I saw a bird cage lightshade in Next which I quite liked and was on the edge of buying it due to the fact that I needed one, but I'm so glad I had the patience not to because when I got home I found this one on the internet for much cheaper at £15 including delivery- 

I ordered it late on a Wednesday night and it arrived on the Friday, which was perfect timing as I'd just finished my exams until after half term. When it arrived I thought it was nice but maybe still a bit on the plain side, and I was inspired by this picture of exactly the same bird cage to add to it a bit-

So, that very day I made a trip down to Hobbycraft, and after spending ages searching through different flowers and decorations I picked a couple of bits to add on to it. I got home and spent the next hour or so experimenting, and finally came to this;

Overall I really like how it's turned out and I can't wait for it to go up in my room. I'm not too sure on the leaves so I may have to go back and change them for a paler lot. It cost about £6 to decorate it though I still have a lot of the leaves and a few of the butterflies left which I'm planning to make use of. 

If you're bored this summer or just fancy changing your room up a bit I would definitely give something like this a go to pass the time!