Friday, 2 November 2012

Primark purchases

Fleecy blanket- £4-£5 | Cushion £3

Quilted jacket £22 | Welly liners £3 | Gloves £1.50 

Jumper £14 | Bag £4

Jeans £11 

Pyjama top £3 | Slippers £3 

Jumpers (men's section) £8 - £10 each?

Burgundy cardigan £6 | Knitted cardigan between £10 and £14?

I absolutely love the print on the blanket and it's so fleecy and perfect for winter days at home, and I may have to go back to pick up the matching socks and pyjama bottoms too.. Primark is on top form at the minute with everything christmassy in stock- another favourite is the pair of pom pom slippers which I stupidly bought in a size too big (and I of course took off the label before realising). The quilted jacket, gloves, welly liners and green jumper were for good reason- I promise you I haven't turned into a farmer, but I started volunteering at my local animal centre about a month ago and these were essentials!

If you can't already tell I'm drawn to everything burgundy and wintery..

Who knows if I'll actually keep up with this, I have a ridiculous amount of school work at the moment, but if you're reading this post, thank you!

(also, I'm not too keen on the word 'haul'.. so I've named this 'purchases' instead :) )