Friday, 15 February 2013

Mac Rebel vs Sleek Smother

I thought I'd just like to mention a little dupe I'd found recently. After deliberating one day in Superdrug over whether to buy Sleek's Cherry or Smother I eventually settled with the latter, and after getting home and applying it, it really reminded me of another recent purchase..

In the bullet both lipsticks look like a scarily dark, vampy purple but are really buildable colours which is what I love about them as they are multi purpose- they can be used as a subtle stain or applied heavily for a more intense finish. These lipsticks are interesting because in poorer lighting they come up as a fairly dark burgundy colour, but under the light a bright, more fuschia shade, with the sleek lipstick being very slightly more on the purple side.

The formula? Mac's Rebel is a 'satin' finish whilst Smother is a 'sheen'. Rebel doesn't apply as smoothly but once on it creates an even, velvety semi-matte finish which I love. 'Smother' is creamier and slightly sheerer so is a bit more 'slippery' and can easily smudge round the edges of the lips. 

Both lipsticks seem to cling to the dry bits of my lips and highlight them, although I'm not going to blame this on the lipsticks just yet as my lips are especially bad at the moment, even with religiously lip scrubbing and moisturising daily- the real test will be when it comes to summer. Rebel definitely has better staying power and is overall the better lipstick in my opinion but at £14 you get what you pay for, with 'Smother' costing around £4.99. 

Excuse the swatches- as I said they're a lot brighter in the light, but I thought I'd give you an idea of just how similar the colours are..  I did attempt to take a photo of them on the lips but wintery, dry cracked lips + still trying to figure out lighting = awful shots! (I will get better at this, eventually)

Lastly I'd just like to thank all of you that have followed my blog so far, plus anyone who's commented or even just read my previous post! I'm trying to come up with ideas of what to post about at the moment so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)

What's your favourite high end lipstick dupe?