Thursday, 10 October 2013

From Belfast to Bath.

Here I am on a chilly Thursday evening, sitting in bed with a cup of tea trying to decide what on earth to post about on here. I've been wanting to try and carry on my attempt of a blog (if you can even call it an attempt) for a while now but never really got round to it- so I'm going to start off by sharing a couple of the places I've been to recently. 

First stop- a trip to Belfast to visit the cousins. Here I experienced my first ever Subway lunch (a momentous occasion in my eyes) and a day out at the Titanic exhibition and dock which was really interesting yet emotional. From virtual rides through the ship and underwater, to recreations of the different cabins, I'd highly recommend it to anyone! Sadly I left my camera at home and my phone was (as always) on the verge of dying, so I only got photos from the outside and the dock and pump house which were equally as fascinating!

A couple of weeks into September and I spent the day in Bath with a friend- mainly to visit the university open day- the highlights of which were holding a snake and being supplied with endless free tea and biscuits. The day didn't start too well after making the train at Paddington with only a couple of seconds to spare (never rely on the Bakerloo line!) but once we were there I had one of the most relaxing enjoyable days I've ever had, even if I did feel a bit like a tourist!

After a morning at the open day we had a bite to eat in Bill's, which was absolutely delicious as always! Then we had a little wander around the city, which, as my first visit, was even more beautiful and quaint than I had pictured- think Covent Garden but bigger!

Before we headed off we sat for an hour in this teeny Alice in Wonderland themed cafe, aptly named 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party'. Here I had my first ever teapigs tea, which must've been good going by the large order I made when I got home!

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog a while back- it means a lot! I'm not really sure what direction my blog is going in. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!