Sunday, 3 August 2014

Strawberry fields

Strawberry picking- something so simple yet I've never done, but always wanted to. For me so far, this summer has definitely been about 'being a child' again- from swimming in a lake, baking, paint-your-own gnomes and playgrounds to having a pinata on my 19th birthday. So when I was up in Scotland the other month visiting family it was the perfect opportunity to pick some strawberries. If you're feeling a little bored this summer, why not try doing something a bit different?


  1. I used to love strawberry picking when I was a kid - although I think I did more eating than anything else. Would love to do this again before Summer is over! x

    Sarah @ xx

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  4. I love strawberries. would love to go pick them to one day. only if I knew where :(

  5. I love summer and I went stars every picking this one time before. It was so much fun, there's this strawberry garden/shop a few minutes from my house and it has the best and fresh strawberry ice cream mmm. Hope you had a nice time visiting your family in scotland! :)


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